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Piriformis Muscle Syndrome with Resulting Sciatic Pain
I am a 60 year old woman in good health. On January 12, 2019, my pain began, apparently brought on by driving in my car for 5 hours traveling across Pennsylvania. 2 weeks later I was diagnosed with piriformis muscle syndrome by my PCP. In laymen’s terms, a pain in my butt cheek that caused nerve pain to travel down my leg. It affected almost everything I did. I tried stretching, then I was given a prescription to reduce inflammation, then physical therapy for a few months with minimal improvement. I saw 2 different orthopedic doctors and 2 different chiropractors, nothing improved. I went to a pain doctor and had 2 different types of injections, over the span of a few months, intended to reduce the inflammation in my muscle that would then reduce the impingement on my sciatic nerve. I received little improvement. During the course of my treatment, I started 30mg per day of cymbalta and moved to 60mg. I met with a neurologist who referred me to a different Physical therapy location. I did receive some improvement but not enough. After 4 months, I called it quits and returned to the pain doctor to try the final type of shot for this condition, a transverse epidural injection at L5-S1. Nothing changed. My medicine was now 90mg per day. I spent over $2000 of my money and countless dollars was paid by my insurance carrier. It was recommended that I consult with an orthopedic doctor for surgery. I decided to consider medical marijuana. Before I did that I decided to try acupuncture. On July 9, 2020, 1.5 years after the pain began, I did it. IT IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I EVER DID FOR MYSELF!! I was nervous. Could I handle pins in my body? It is very different, could be described as weird, but it works. Most of the pins I do not feel. I do feel a few. The feeling subsides within 10-15 seconds. IT WORKED to reduce some pain the very first treatment. By 10 treatments I was feeling at least 80% improved physically and 100% relieved mentally that finally I would be able to drive more that a half hour without pain, I could sit and read a book whenever I felt like it and I didn’t have to stand up while meeting with friends. Imagine finding it difficult to sit for more than 15 minutes during the time we had to shutter at home for the pandemic. No binge watching TV for me even though I wanted to do so. Now, I am often pain free. What a wonderful feeling that is for me. - Cindy L. Moon Twp., PA

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Irritable Bowel Syndrome

"For more than 20 years I have suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome with constipation and over-all joint pain and stiffness. I was getting to the point where I thought I would have to go on disability because I could barely get out of bed in the morning because of the extreme fatigue. I was constantly bloated from irritable bowel, my intestines always felt like they were bruised, and a weekly bowel movement only occurred following a laxative and an enema. On top of everything else, my body just plain hurt, as well as other lesser issues. My blood work would consistently come back as “normal” from my medical doctor and no one could explain the tiredness or the persistent pain. The FDA-approved drug that I was on for irritable bowel was eventually recalled because of the long-term, and potentially lethal, side effects. Having been a member of the Cranberry Township Chamber of Commerce, I had heard Richard Fortune speak on several occasions. I thought, many times, about making an appointment with him, but didn’t. I look back now and wish I would have done so when I first met him. After my first visit with Richard, major changes started to occur in my body. After one acupuncture treatment, the irritable bowel syndrome never came back – after 20 years of suffering, one acupuncture treatment and the syndrome was totally relieved! Not only was the bloating and tenderness gone, but ever since my first acupuncture treatment, I have not had to use any laxatives or enemas. Additionally, very rarely do I have complaints of joint or body aches. And, those lesser issues I previously had mentioned are also gone. I continue to see Richard as he is diligently working through the underlying issues behind the chronic fatigue. I do know, however, that I am on the right path because I have experienced periods of energy -- much like I had in my younger days. The knowledge this man possess is astounding; some of the techniques he uses have been around for centuries and have been proven worldwide; and his meticulous methods provide comfort to his patients in knowing that nothing will be overlooked in the diagnosis or treatment. I accredit Richard with giving me back my life. I have gone from considering total disability to dancing, laughing and enjoying life again – in just a few short months. Whatever reason you might have to not schedule an appointment with him cannot be compared with the quality of life you may encounter if you do schedule an appointment." - Jeanie O., Pittsburgh, PA


Fibromyalgia & Migraine Headache

"I came to Fortune Acupuncture desperate for relief from chronic pain from fibromyalgia and recurring migraines. I had been taking several medications a day for years with minimal results. Dr. Fortune worked with me to determine the cause of the problems and to treat them. After just a few acupuncture sessions my pain level was lower than it had been in over five years, and I haven't had a migraine headache since I began treatments. My western doctors have been amazed because I've been able to stop taking almost all of my prescription pain medications - the ones they had been increasing for years! I'm so thrilled with how quickly I felt a change in my body - I should have done this years ago. Acupuncture is giving me my life back!" - Lori H., Pittsburgh, PA


Foot Pain

"I suffered from chronic foot pain from a broken foot of about one year. The injury never quite healed correctly in spite of casting and physical therapy, and I was enduring severe, lateral foot pain. At times, my foot would collapse while walking and I would fall down. I decided to try acupuncture therapy and I am delighted to say that my foot problem improved considerably with each succeeding visit for acupuncture. Six treatments with acupuncture medicine and I can say my foot is healed! Thank you, Fortune Acupuncture and Herb Clinic!" - Irene V., New Castle, PA


Wrist Pain

"I had suffered with wrist pain for over 3 months. My options from the western doctor were injections and/or surgery. I decided to try acupuncture and cancelled my scheduled surgery appointment. Now, after having a series of successful acupuncture treatments, I have no more wrist pain! I am so happy that I elected to try acupuncture. Thank you, Fortune Acupuncture!" 

- Kelly D., Pittsburgh, PA


Lower Back Pain - Herniated Disc

"I had lumbar surgery for a herniated disc that caused nerve pain in my back, hip, and leg. The surgery diminished my back pain but left me with a very severe, agonizing, burning pain in my lower leg with an ice cold foot. The surgeon’s office informed me that there was nothing to do but allow one and a half years for the irritated nerve to heal. I decided to try acupuncture. Fortune Acupuncture & Herb Clinic administered five acupuncture treatments and my severe pain is gone and my foot has turned warm. I could have waited a year and a half to see if the nerve would heal and suffered all that time but acupuncture cured the problem in just a few weeks. I recommend everyone visit Fortune Acupuncture & Herb Clinic first, to investigate their medical condition before utilizing other therapies for their illnesses. I was so glad that I gave acupuncture a chance to cure my condition." - Blair R., Mars, PA


Lower Back Pain

"I have suffered with lower back pain for many years prohibiting me from having a good quality of life. I'd tried everything from medicine, physical therapy, shoe supports, patches with medication and nothing was working. I had gotten to the point that I believed I was destined to have continual pain for the rest of my life and I might as well "grin and bear" it. A relative recommend I try acupuncture and told me about her friend that had symptoms like mine and the acupuncture worked for her. I felt that I would give it a try as a "last resort". I started having therapy and I am pleased to say, "I have considerably less pain and am more able to do activities that I thought were gone by the wayside.”  Thank you Dr. Fortune for working with me and giving me my life back.” 

- Sandra T., Glenshaw, PA


Lower Back Pain by Spinal Stenosis & Herniated Disc & Chronic Cough

"I began treatment with Dr. Fortune for severe lower back pain caused by a herniated disc and spinal stenosis. I was also experiencing numbness in my leg, and my foot had begun "flopping" after walking any distance. After just two treatments, the numbness and "flopping" left and has not returned, even though surgeons had advised me that the numbness would remain even with back surgery. With the first series of treatments, the back pain and discomfort is significantly improved and controlled. Dr. Fortune also began treatment for a chronic (50 plus years) cough, which other doctors have treated unsuccessfully with sprays, pills and inhalers. Using the Chinese herbs recommended by the doctor, I am no longer coughing my lungs out every morning. I truly believe that if Acupuncture were covered by insurance, everyone, including the general public, government, insurance companies and health care system could save money and improve health. There would be a significant decrease in need for costly surgeries, as well as for liver-damaging and addictive pain medication. In spite of the lack of insurance coverage, I choose to continue this treatment, which has produced better results than conventional Western medicine. I highly recommend giving Dr. Fortune and acupuncture a chance to improve your health - you may be as pleased as I have been. ” 

- Robert D., Pittsburgh, PA



"Our journey to become parents began 8 years ago when my husband and I got married. Because of both our age and my history of irregular periods we did not wait to try to conceive. After a year of trying naturally, my ob/gyn had us try clomid for about 6 cycles with no success. We were then referred to fertility doctors where we spent the next 6 years undergoing various treatments such as IUI’s and Invitro Fetilization (IVF). Fortunately within that time we were successful with an Invitro attempt and conceived and gave birth to our son. In an attempt to give our son a sibling we continued the invasive treatments, which resulted in 2 miscarriages and the loss of a son who had a genetic disorder. Devastated, sad, angry, stressed, and desperate, I began to research alternative options and found Joanna Fortune at her clinic Fortune Fertility. Growing up in a family full of medical doctors, I was reluctant that acupuncture and supplements could really help but felt that if nothing else I could try to detoxify myself from the past years worth of fertility drugs I had taken and possibly find some relaxation to help with all the stress of the past several years. During our first consultation with Joanna I immediately felt a sense of calm that I had not felt in years. Joanna explained certain things about the deficiencies I had and that we were going to try to put my body back in balance and then ultimately try to conceive. I spent the next 4 months working with Joanna by having weekly acupuncture sessions, charting my cycles, taking supplements and drinking Chinese tea. To my complete surprise into the fourth month of going to Joanna I discovered I was pregnant. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant.  I have had several tests and ultrasounds that show everything is going well with a healthy baby. After several years, thousands of dollars, disappointments, tragedy and tears, Joanna’s method of acupuncture and supplements helped me to conceive. There are no words to express my gratitude to Joanna.  I am a firm believer that God brings people into your life when you need them most.  Joanna is one of those people. She has the compassion and skill to help people achieve their goals of becoming parents. Although acupuncture and supplements became a last resort for us, in my opinion and experience it should be the first resource for any couple struggling to conceive and have a healthy baby. We will forever be grateful to Joanna for who she is and what she does.” - Amy C., Gibsonia, PA



“I am a 35-yr-old mother blessed with a beautiful 4 ˝-yr-old daughter. I suffered with the disappointment, stress, anxiety, and sadness from Secondary Infertility for over 3 yrs while trying to conceive a second child.  After trying for a year on my own and numerous visits to my ob/gyn, I was prescribed Clomid. After 3 months on Clomid I conceived. At 10 wks my pregnancy ended in miscarriage. The baby had Turner Syndrome, a chromosomal disorder. Soon after my miscarriage I went to see a popular infertility doctor in the Pgh area. Again after numerous visits I was finally diagnosed as having some form of PCOS. I ovulated irregularly and always have had long cycles lasting 33+ days. I did not have many of the common PCOS symptoms. The changes in my blood work were so slight that it was easy for doctors to misdiagnose my condition. The infertility doctor could only offer me IUI or IVF as options for treatment. I had concerns about taking the powerful fertility drugs associated with these forms of treatment and like many others my insurance did not cover these costly infertility procedures. Every month I battled with the disappointment and anxiety of unsuccessfully conceiving and wondering whether or not I should give in and try IVF. I felt like there had to be some other solution that conventional medicine wasn’t offering me. I began to research acupuncture on-line and after reading the success rate for infertility was 70% with acupuncture, as opposed to the 40% with IVF, I began my search for an acupuncturist in the Pgh area. On my own I found Joanna and the Fortune Fertility & Acupuncture Center. I have to admit that when I initially met with Joanna I was still a bit skeptical about Chinese medicine and whether it could really help my condition, but Joanna quickly eased my fears. Joanna herself has dealt with infertility and was compassionate towards me. She understood what I was feeling, is extremely knowledgeable regarding infertility, and was truly interested in helping me. I figured at the very least acupuncture would help me to relieve much of the stress I was going through. I spent the next 4 months working with Joanna by having weekly acupuncture sessions, charting my cycles, and drinking Chinese tea. By the second month I was ovulating regularly, this continued into the third month. To my complete surprise into the fourth month of going to Joanna I discovered I was pregnant. I am currently 19 weeks pregnant. I have had several tests and ultrasounds that show everything is going well with my pregnancy. I can’t thank Joanna enough for helping me to conceive. She is truly amazing. I wish I would have found Joanna years ago. I tell everyone I know who struggles with infertility to try acupuncture first and to stick with it for several months. I also recommend the book “Making Babies”, which explains how eastern medicine can help resolve many causes of infertility. I know western infertility treatments have worked for many families, but in my heart I feel like this has also become a big business for western infertility doctors. My husband, daughter and I are so excited to welcome our new baby in February. I thank god for leading me to Joanna.” 

- Traci B., Mars, PA



"I am a 41-year-old female with a 1 ˝ year old toddler. For 10 months I tried to get pregnant again with a second child. On the 4th month of attempting to conceive, I had an early miscarriage. I continued trying on my own for another 6 months without conception success until I met Joanna. From what Joanna diagnosed, I was estrogen deficient. My estrogen deficiency was causing deficient heat (hot flashes), shortened periods (two days in length) with very little blood, and early - immature ovulation. Through acupuncture and Chinese herbs I was able to increase my estrogen levels enough to conceive on the third month of treatment with Joanna. I am now 15 weeks into a successful pregnancy and looking forward to my second child. I can’t explain how thrilled I am with the success of Joanna’s treatments. I am thankful to her for this new addition to our family.” - Ann H., Gibsonia, PA


Migraine Headache

"I tried acupuncture for relief of my 25 years of migraine headache. I was astonished to find that four acupuncture visits relieved me of 80% of my chronic pain! I had to cease treatments for five weeks and found that my pain never returned. I have scheduled for more acupuncture to ensure that my pain never returns. No more drugs. Thank you, Dr. Fortune.” - John B., Butler, PA


Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

"I had been having irregular menstrual bleedings for the last three months. This time my menses had continued for 35 days with moderate and heavy bleeding non stop. I decided to try acupuncture and to my amazement and that of my coworkers, the bleeding stopped within 24 hours! Western therapies were unable to grasp the cause of my bleeding yet, the empirical sciences of acupuncture and scientifically prepared herbal medicines went right to the source and stopped the bleeding immediately. I am grateful to Fortune Acupuncture for their skills in arresting this disturbing problem to my health and will continue to seek out their expertise in solving any and all of my health issues... ” - Margaret M., Pittsburgh, PA



"Hello Dr. Fortune! I just want to give a huge Thank You. I had an intense lung/sinus congestion with cough which were gone following two treatments...absolutely wonderful! I also have experienced digestive/constipation issues my entire life which are gone! For the first time in my life, my body is working the way it is supposed to! Once you heal one issue other problems dissipate as a result. My only wish is that I would have connected with Dr. Fortune and acupuncture years ago! Love and blessings."   - Sandra M., Allison Park, PA


IBS/Digestive Problem

"I had a western medical diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, low back pain with sciatica. I had terrible bloating with much abdominal swelling and acid regurgitation, intestinal crampings, and many other symptoms. My bowels were not regular. My previous heart surgery had created an iatrogenic irritation of the vagus nerve which the medical doctors claimed was responsible for my serious gastrointestinal complaints. I had much difficulty finding the cures/relief from western medical procedures and drugs. That is when I turned to Fortune Acupuncture & Herb Clinic to find some kind of help. I surrendered to my first acupuncture treatment and the results were astounding! My severe bloating disappeared. My abdominal pain vanished! And, my bowels became very regular and all the changes occurred with one acupuncture session. I continued to have my acupuncture treatments and all my many complaints continually improved and/or were cured. Thank you Fortune Acupuncture!"


Stroke/Sequelae of Stroke

"I had an ischemic stroke on November 20, 2003. I suffered as much as many other stroke survivors do, such as right-side paralysis, slurred speech and generally no energy. Over the next two years, I got better with my speech but it was still slow. My paralysis was gone but I still felt heaviness in my arm. It was painful to lift up my arm. It was like the muscles hurt at any given time.  In 2006, I decided that I needed to see someone who was good at acupuncture and I found Dr. Fortune. I had never had acupuncture before so this was thrilling and scary. I had my first acupuncture and it was fine. After my third meeting, he suggested Chinese herbs that I should take for my arm and for energy. I was to take these herbs by mouth six times a day. I proceeded take these herbs and immediately I felt energy. The herbs worked wonders on my arm. I can even write with my right hand and it is only going to get better. The Chinese herbs plus meeting for an acupuncture session has done miraculous work on my speech. I can now hold conversations with family and friends without slurring my speech. I am so glad that I chose acupuncture. I am truly thrilled that I chose Dr. Fortune!!!!" - Mecouria S., Pittsburgh, PA


Bell's Palsy

"Dear Dr Fortune, People are so surprised when I tell them how quickly and completely your acupuncture skills relieved the Bell's Palsy I experienced. I am grateful to you for the diligence, intelligence, and daring it must have taken to tackle a complex field of study and make it your life's work at the time that you did. Thank you! Sincerely-" - Susan H., Pittsburgh, PA


Elbow Tendonitis

"I suffered with a persistent and nagging tendonitis at my elbow for at least six months. I tried my first acupuncture treatment and to my amazement, my pain disappeared with just one visit! And, after weeks passed by, I realized that my tendonitis was cured. I recommend that people visit Fortune Acupuncture and find that the real, natural cure without drugs, needless surgeries, and chronic pain!" - Rick C., Rochester, PA


Menopause Hot Flash

"I'm so glad I found Fortune Acupuncture. I was having annoying hot flashes for 2 months, resulting in poor sleep. I went from an average of 11 hot flashes for 24 hours to just 1 a day after just 4 treatments in a 2 week period. It's amazing after 5 treatments, now, they are gone!" -  Deb R., Cranberry Twp., PA



"I feel more relaxed and able to do the things I want to do with my life. Since undertaking acupuncture, I've had the ability to make the small changes in diet, exercise and daily living. Acupuncture has improved my sense of well-being." 

- Todd C., Baden, PA


Hip Joint Pain

"Acupuncture relieved me immediately of chronic pain from a degenerating hip joint. I can have much less discomfort with my acupuncture visits while I consider the western doctor's hip replacement option. And, my entire body felt so much better.” - Jay L., Carnegie, PA


Intestinal Problem

"Acupuncture therapy provided me with vast improvement of a chronic intestinal problem of fifteen years. I only wish I would have exercised the acupuncture health care option years ago.” - Angela L., Plum, PA



"I credit acupuncture therapy with having made me more fertile to conceive. I will continue to use acupuncture to address many health care needs.” 

- Lynna M., Highland Village, TX


Lower Back Pain

"I suffered from low back pain due to herniated discs for five years. Now, after utilizing acupuncture therapy, I can work without taking pain medications and my pain level has been reduced 85%.” - Joe K., Dallas, TX


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